Why Choose Us

Here at Inventive-Group, we are a family-owned business that’s been in Mountain Home for over 15 years; with no plans to move. Our company is filled with people who have degrees, and those that don’t. All have the same opportunity to advance within our organization based on their efforts. We have found great success by recruiting people who are excited about working here and buy into our culture. We truly believe in coaching and developing people who have a great attitude, work ethic, and want to leave their mark on the world.

At Inventive-Group, we value people for their enthusiasm, commitment, hard work, and ability to do things better each day, not just for their certifications and degrees, or for the buzzwords on their resumes. We love candidates that believe that our only opportunity to win in the marketplace will come by hiring and retaining the best people in the industry. If you have the desire to help us build a great company and want to surround yourself with people who share the same vision, please apply today.


Leadership Meetings

Weekly leadership meetings inspire, motivate, and challenge us to develop not only as employees but as people. Establishing common goals is how we thrive in the current marketplace. Our employees are highly encouraged to participate in these meetings, as they set each person up for success. That’s the Inventive-Group way.


Company Lunches

Team-building is very important to us at Inventive-Group. To keep in touch with departments that may be disconnected from our daily interactions, we’ve set up monthly lunches, where all employees gather to eat and participate in fun games; created by the department that won the challenge the previous month. From football to broomsky, you won’t find a more entertaining company lunch anywhere else.


We’re not just another manufacturing company. We are first and foremost a lean manufacturer. We believe in the value of hard work and the dedication to quality. We empower our employees to make changes for the better; in the pursuit of perfection. We know that our people are the most important assets and the cause for our success. We do everything according to our company culture, and we only work with the kinds of people we would want in our life raft.

Everything here has a home; and when you work here, you do too.

Lean & Mean

Lean manufacturing is the process of eliminating *all* waste — From too much inventory to wait times, we’re constantly evaluating how we can streamline our customers’ experience. We’re always improving our processes, and we encourage every member of our team to always strive to do better. There is no detail too small to improve. Continuous improvement is a key component in our success, and the growth of our team is what drives that forward.